Gali Prag - PI

Graduated and earned PhD from the Hebrew University. With Prof. Oppenheim studied bacterial genetics and obtained two EMBO fellowships to determine the structures of several chitin degrading enzymes in complex with their native substrates. Gali completed his postdoctoral studies at the NIH with Prof. Hurley, where he determined the first structures of ubiquitin-receptor complexes with ubiquitin and some of the ESCRT complexes. In 2008 he returned to Israel and established a structural-biology and bacterial genetic laboratory in TAU.


Dr. Olga Levin-Kravets

Constructed and employed E. coli-based system to study ubiquitylation. Olga, also employed biochemical and biophysical methodologies inclusing x-ray crystallography to determined structures of proteins in the Ub field   


Dr. Sivan Elias-Perez  

Employing E. coli-based selection system to study BRCA1 dependent ubiquitylation.

Dr. Yael Langut 

Employing E. coli based selection system to study Cereblon and other CRLs 

Amer Elias - PhD student

Employing bateriophage site specific recombination system for gene therapy and cancer cell killing

Amir Florentin

Function structure analysis of UBE3B and Kaufman mutations

Sagnik  Biswas - MSc

Study the function and structure of HECT E3-ligases


Reut Avishad

Lab manager/ Tech./ Study DUBs and PARKIN


Aurelia Ruimy  - MSc student together with Julia Fishman @ HUJI

Structure and function analysis of ultra-weak UBDs

Alina Kordonsky BSc student 

Study the structure and function of a novel UB-receptor

Mor Srur BSc student 

Study the structure and function of a BRCA1 in the context of cancer mutations