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Selected Articals

Split Chloramphenicol Acetyl-Transferase Assay Reveals Self-Ubiquitylation-Dependent Regulation of UBE3B.

Levin-Kravets O, A Kordonsky A, Shusterman A, Biswas S, Persaud A, Elias S, Langut Y, Florentin A,
Simpson-Lavy J. K, Yariv E, Avishid R, Sror M, Almog O,
Marshanski T, Kadosh S, Ben David N, Manori B, Fischer Z, Lilly J, Borisova E, Ambrozkiewicz M,

Tarabykin V, Kupiec M, Thaker M, Rotin D and Prag G

Journal of Molecular Biology 433 (2021) 167276

Deubiquitylating enzymes in neuronal health and disease.

Amer-Sarsour F, Kordonsky A, Berdichevsky Y, Prag G, Ashkenazi A.

Cell Death Dis. 2021 Jan 22;12(1):120. doi: 10.1038/s41419-020-03361-5.

HK022 bacteriophage Integrase mediated RMCE as a potential tool for human gene therapy
Elias A, Kassis H, Elkader SA, Gritsenko N, Nahmad A, Shir H, Younis L, Shannan A, Aihara H, Prag G, Yagil E, Kolot M
Nucleic Acids Res. 2020 Dec 3:gkaa1140. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkaa1140.
An Integrative Synthetic Biology Approach to Interrogating Cellular Ubiquitin and Ufm Signaling ‏
C Li, T Han, R Guo, P Chen, C Peng, G Prag and H Ronggui ‏
IInt. J. Mol. Sci.  21, 4231; doi:10.3390/ijms21124231 2020
Remodeling Membrane Binding by Mono-Ubiquitylation‏
N Tanner, O Kleifeld, I Nachman, G Prag‏
Biomolecules 9 (8), 325 ‏       2019
Structural Insight into Regulation of the Proteasome Ub-Receptor Rpn10‏
T Keren-Kaplan, I Attali, O Levin-Kravets, O Kleifeld, S Ben-Aroya, G Prag‏
Ubiquitin Proteasome System-Current Insights into Mechanism Cellular …‏
Regulation of the anaphase promoting complex/cyclosome by the degradation of its unassembled catalytic subunit, Apc11‏
M Volpe, N Levinton, N Rosenstein, G Prag, S Ben-Aroya‏
The FASEB Journal, fj. 201802300R 2019
Ubiquitin Signaling and Degradation of Aggregate-Prone Proteins‏
M Galves, R Rathi, G Prag, A Ashkenazi‏
Trends in biochemical sciences ‏         2019
HK022 Bacteriophage Integrase: An Efficient Tool for Human Genome Manipulation and Therapy‏
A Elias, N Gritsenko, H Kassis, S Abd Alkader, A Barzel, E Yagil, G Prag, ...‏
MOLECULAR THERAPY 27 (4), 352-353 2019   
A mutagenesis analysis of Tim50, the major receptor of the TIM23 complex, identifies regions that affect its interaction with Tim23‏
D Dayan, M Bandel, U Günsel, I Nussbaum, G Prag, D Mokranjac, ...‏
Scientific reports 9 (1), 2012 2019
Anti-cancer binary system activated by bacteriophage HK022 integrase‏
A Elias, N Gritsenko, R Gorovits, I Spector, G Prag, E Yagil, M Kolot‏
Oncotarget 9 (44), 27487 2018
E. coli-Based Selection and Expression Systems for Discovery, Characterization, and Purification of Ubiquitylated Proteins‏
O Levin-Kravets, T Keren-Kaplan, I Attali, I Sharon, N Tanner, D Shapira, ...‏
The Ubiquitin Proteasome System, 155-166 2018
Regulation mechanisms for writing, editing and reading the ubiquitin code‏
G Prag, O Levin-Kravets‏
FEBS JOURNAL 284, 43-43 2017
Novel anti-cancer binary system activated by bacteriophage HK022 Integrase‏
A Elias, I Spector, N Gritsenko, Y Zilberstein, R Gorovits, G Prag, M Kolot‏
FEBS JOURNAL 284, 258-258 2017
Ubiquitylation‐dependent oligomerization regulates activity of Nedd4 ligases‏
I Attali, WS Tobelaim, A Persaud, K Motamedchaboki, KJ Simpson‐Lavy, ...‏
The EMBO journal 36 (4), 425-440 2017
A bacterial genetic selection system for ubiquitylation cascade discovery‏
O Levin-Kravets, N Tanner, N Shohat, I Attali, T Keren-Kaplan, ...‏
Nature methods 13 (11), 945 2016
Structure of ubiquitylated-Rpn10 provides insight into its autoregulation mechanism‏
T Keren-Kaplan, LZ Peters, O Levin-Kravets, I Attali, O Kleifeld, N Shohat, ...‏
Nature communications 7, 12960 2016
Tetrameric assembly of monoubiquitin accurately mimics the Lys11 polyubiquitin chain structure‏
O Levin-Kravets, N Shohat, G Prag‏
Biochemistry 54 (30), 4704-4710 2015
A multilaboratory comparison of calibration accuracy and the performance of external references in analytical ultracentrifugation‏
H Zhao, R Ghirlando, C Alfonso, F Arisaka, I Attali, DL Bain, MM Bakhtina, ...‏
PLoS One 10 (5), e0126420 2015
Structure‐based in silico identification of ubiquitin‐binding domains provides insights into the ALIX‐V: ubiquitin complex and retrovirus budding‏
T Keren‐Kaplan, I Attali, M Estrin, LS Kuo, E Farkash, ...‏
The EMBO journal 32 (4), 538-551 2013
Purification and crystallization of mono-ubiquitylated ubiquitin receptor Rpn10‏
T Keren-Kaplan, G Prag‏
Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization …‏  2012
Purification and crystallization of yeast Ent1 ENTH domain‏
N Tanner, G Prag‏
Acta Crystallographica Section F: Structural Biology and Crystallization …2012
The hetero-hexameric nature of a chloroplast AAA+ FtsH protease contributes to its thermodynamic stability‏
O Moldavski, O Levin-Kravets, T Ziv, Z Adam, G Prag‏

PLoS One 7 (4), e36008 2012


Synthetic biology approach to reconstituting the ubiquitylation cascade in bacteria‏

T Keren‐Kaplan, I Attali, K Motamedchaboki, BA Davis, N Tanner, ...‏
The EMBO journal 31 (2), 378-390 2012
A phage display system designed to detect and study protein–protein interactions‏
CL Bair, A Oppenheim, A Trostel, G Prag, S Adhya‏
Molecular microbiology 67 (4), 719-728 2008
The Vps27/Hse1 complex is a GAT domain-based scaffold for ubiquitin-dependent sorting‏
G Prag, H Watson, YC Kim, BM Beach, R Ghirlando, G Hummer, ...‏
Developmental cell 12 (6), 973-986 2007
Ubiquitin-binding domains‏
JH Hurley, S Lee, G Prag‏
Biochemical Journal 399 (3), 361-372 2006
Structural mechanism for ubiquitinated-cargo recognition by the Golgi-localized,
γ-ear-containing, ADP-ribosylation-factor-binding proteins‏
G Prag, S Lee, R Mattera, CN Arighi, BM Beach, JS Bonifacino, JH Hurley‏
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (7), 2334-2339 2005
Structure of the ESCRT-II endosomal trafficking complex‏
A Hierro, J Sun, AS Rusnak, J Kim, G Prag, SD Emr, JH Hurley‏
Nature 431 (7005), 221 2004
Mechanism of ubiquitin recognition by the CUE domain of Vps9p‏
G Prag, S Misra, EA Jones, R Ghirlando, BA Davies, BF Horazdovsky, ...‏
Cell 113 (5), 609-620 2003
A ubiquitin‐binding motif required for intramolecular monoubiquitylation, the CUE domain‏
SC Shih, G Prag, SA Francis, MA Sutanto, JH Hurley, L Hicke‏
The EMBO journal 22 (6), 1273-1281 2003
Crystal structure of a new ubiquitin binding domain, the CUE domain of yeast Vps9p‏
S Misra, G Prag, E Jones, JH Hurley‏
BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL 84 (2), 62A-62A 2003
High Resolution Structural Analyses of Mutant Chitinase A Complexes with Substrates Provide New Insight into the Mechanism of Catalysis,‏
Y Papanikolau, G Prag, G Tavlas, CE Vorgias, AB Oppenheim, K Petratos‏
Biochemistry 40 (38), 11338-11343 2001
Structures of chitobiase mutants complexed with the substrate di-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine: the catalytic role of the conserved acidic pair, aspartate 539 and glutamate 540‏
G Prag, Y Papanikolau, G Tavlas, CE Vorgias, K Petratos, AB Oppenheim‏
Journal of molecular biology 300 (3), 611-617 2000
Structural studies of chitinase A from S. marcescens complexed with substrates and the inhibitor‏
Y Papanikolau, G Prag, G Tavlas, M Papadovasilaki, S Dimitriou, ...‏
Trapping intermediate structures of chitin degrading enzymes with native substrate‏
G Prag, A Oppenheim, PA Tucker 

EMBL Annual Reports 2000

Participation of IHF and a distant UP element in the stimulation of the phage λ PL promoter‏
H Giladi, S Koby, G Prag, M Engelhorn, J Geiselmann, AB Oppenheim‏
Molecular microbiology 30 (2), 443-451 1998
Structural principles of prokaryotic gene regulatory proteins and the evolution of repressors and gene activators‏
G Prag, S Greenberg, AB Oppenheim‏
Molecular microbiology 26 (3), 619-620 1997
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